Abalone tri color mesh bracelet

abalon silver dragonscale bracelet. abalon dragonscal silver bracelet Abalone tri color mesh bracelet


Abalone tri color mesh bracelet

This absolutely gorgeous bracelet is one of the most comfortable, flexible, fluid, and unique pieces of jewelry that you will ever own. Each one of the rings in this bracelet was opened, woven around others, and then closed by hand.

A bold expression of seductive beauty.

The "Dragonscale" chain maille is also known as " Mermaid Mesh". This chainmaille weave is one of the most dense and intricate patterns. Hundreds of rings were used in the making of this bracelet. When holding this bracelet in your hands you can feel its silkiness. It seems almost to flow right through your fingers. You would never have imagined metal could be this much like a liquid. I weaved with 3 kinds of metals: Electroplated non tarnish Sterling silver, brass and bronze to get the special dimensional effect.It is closed with an elegant 1.25 oval Abalone and silver box clasp.

I have been making maille for years, and the very most important thing in maille is the closures on the rings. You will see that each ring is closed perfectly. There are no gaps in the closures; there are no overlaps. Each ring is woven with the utmost quality and care.The bracelet measures 1.25 inch (3.175cm)wide and approx 3/8 inch thick and fits a 7 1/2 inch wrist.

Wearing it even in the coldest winter it will give you the warm feeling of summer at the sea side.

Please contact me to let me know if you need a different length. I’ll be happy to custom size if needed.

Price: $ 125.00

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