amethyst crown chakra daisy bracelet

crown chakra daisy braclet on hand

CDB004-Daisy Crown Chakra Bracelet

Chakras are the manifestation of spiritual energies on the physical level. The role of the chakras is to aid mental and physical alignment.

The Crown Chakra is located on the top of the head and is purple in color.

The Crown Chakra  has one thousand petals or spokes and is associated with spirituality, the experiencing of higher planes, knowledge of God, enlightenment and the cosmic consciousness.

If you find that you are depressed often, experience a certain lack of joy for life as a whole, feel tired and worn out, your immune system is down,  you may be experiencing an unbalanced Crown Chakra. .  


Daisy purple crown chakra bracelet is adorned with a 6mm genuine amethyst  and an interwoven purple cord which are corresponding to the purple color of the crown chakra.

A sterling silver slider/stopper makes this bracelet adjustable to fit any wrist size.

Raquel's daisy bracelets are an intricate work of art, made by hand ,  with love and healing energy.

Price: $ 72.00

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