lapislazuli tree of life

TOL019 - Lapis Lazuli Tree of Life pendant necklace

This tree of Life pendant is wire sculptured. The complexity and intricacies of the twisting branches makes it into a one of a kind piece of jewelry and therefor no other piece would come out quite like this. It's extremely beautiful and while I like all my pieces.  Argentium Sterling silver wire is used as the roots, trunk and branches. It is non-tarnish, bright and hypo-allergenic. The Genuine Lapis Lazuli gemstones chips creates this beautiful treetop.

The Tree of Life is an ancient symbol found in almost every religion. It stands for immortality, as well as our connectedness to our family (family tree), mankind, and all living things. This tree was handcrafted, wire-sculptured from non tarnish sterling silver plated wire and natural Lapis Lazuli gemstones.

Measures: approx. 1.25" and comes with a 16" silver chain.

Lapis lazuli

* Element Air

December birthstone

Lapis Lazuli is a symbol of luck, success and prosperity. Lapis lazuli is a mineral of dark blue color with inclusionLapisns of golden Pyrite, giving impression of multiple stars shining in the dark blue sky. Lapis Lazuli is bright and sparkling under the sunlight, but will become dark and gloomy under candlelight or artificial lighting. In Egypt and Babylon Lapis Lazuli stones were highly valued. In Babylon magical incantations were engraved on plates made of Lapis Lazuli. Egyptian judges carried this stone on the neck with an inscription "True". Lapis Lazuli figurines of scarab symbolized Pharaoh power. In ancient China balls made from Lapis Lazuli were symbols of power and they decorated the mandarin's clothes. In ancient Rome the gammas from Lapis Lazuli served as amulets and talismans. Astrologists relate Lapis Lazuli to Uranium.

Healing properties

When worn on the hand, Lapis Lazuli improves blood circulation, chases away melancholy and improves sleep. It also strengthens ability to concentrate. Placed on a sore spot, it will help to reduce pain and pressure. It boosts activity of the thyroid gland, improves physical strength, helps in pregnancy, treats radiculitis, asthma and insomnia. Lapis Lazuli extract is helpful for eye's diseases. Crushed and milled into fine powder it will heal wounds and scorpion bites. A mix of Lapis Lazuli powder with honey and juice from pomegranate leaves is used to treat ulcers and eczema. Lapis Lazuli is a Stone of sincerity. It helps to change life to the better, promotes new interests, strengthens true friendship and brings happiness in love. Lapis Lazuli can help to shake away distress and painful memories.

Price: $ 150.00

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